Transcript Procedure and Requests for Official External Transcripts

At the time of acceptance to AIU, undergraduate students will be enrolled as a Freshman, as defined by the Undergraduate Classification page in this Catalog, until a complete review and evaluation of their prior collegiate-level learning has taken place. AIU students must submit official transcripts from previously attended post-secondary institutions.

AIU students submitting transcripts from international institutions may be required to have an official evaluation from AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers), or from a NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centre), NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, Inc.) or AICE (Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc.) approved evaluation service on file with the University. Please contact the University Registrar Department for more information. 

The deadline for official transcripts and/or evaluations is prior to the first day of the second quarter/term of study. Upon receipt of official transcript(s), a final evaluation of all eligible transfer credit will be completed and the student’s course schedule will be adjusted to reflect the approved transfer credit. The University requires that all official transcripts are on file and reviewed prior to the first day of the second quarter/term of study at AIU. In cases where the student’s official transcript(s) is/are not received within the deadline stated above, review of transfer credit will be determined on an individual basis. AIU will request the student’s official transcripts at the time of acceptance. AIU understands that the receipt of transcripts requested from other institutions of higher learning may take time to receive. At the time of enrollment, students are asked to complete a Transcript Request Form to aid in the retrieval of outstanding transcripts without student involvement. Occasionally, additional assistance on the student’s behalf is essential to retrieve transcripts when the efforts of the University are not successful in the retrieval process. Also, while some colleges and universities recognize the validity of an electronic signature as acceptable for use with transcript request forms, many institutions do not accept electronic signatures on transcript request forms. If during the application process, the school, which the student previously attended or currently attends, is known to require a physical or “wet” signature on the transcript request form, the student will be prompted to print a transcript request form, sign it, and fax or email the document to the University.