Registrar Services and Student Records

The primary purpose of the Office of the University Registrar is to support the educational mission of the AIU and to provide student-centered service to prospective students, current students and alumni. The Office of the University Registrar provides services including, but not limited: Transcript Evaluation Services, Prior Learning Assessment, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), Student Records, and other various Registrar processing and services, including those related to various campus Registrars’ offices.  


The Office of the University Registrar maintains accurate, confidential, and secure academic records pertaining to students and alumni and provides the following services:  


  • Official transcript evaluation for degree planning services 
  • Prior Learning Assessment
  • Evaluates SAP on student population and provides communication about SAP statuses 
  • Student Directory Information Changes 
  • Transcript Requests 
  • Diploma Orders 
  • Deferments 
  • Enrollment Verification