University Statement of Integrity and Commitment

As an institution committed to quality and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, American InterContinental University views integrity as an underlying tenet to its Mission and Purposes. The University uses the integrity tenet as a foundation for all of its operations, services, and programs. The mission of the University is to advance the intellectual and social condition of learners in a diverse society through quality academic programs, services and other learning opportunities. The University is to provide students with a learning environment anchored by the highest caliber of instruction built on a solid intellectual and ethical foundation.

Integrity serves as an integral foundation to University governance at the level of the Board of Trustees and in all University operations, institutional representations, advertising, marketing, and services. Honesty and integrity are essential to these functions and serve as the basic contract defining the relationship between the University and its constituencies. The University will not tolerate any intentional withholding of information, deliberately providing inadequate information or failure to provide timely and accurate information. It is the fundamental responsibility of the University to deal forthrightly with all of its constituencies, including its faculty, staff, and learners.

Adopted by the AIU Governing Board (now the Board of Trustees), March 28, 2006.