Mission and Outcomes

AIU Mission Statement

American InterContinental University’s mission is to provide for the varying educational needs of a career-oriented, culturally diverse and geographically dispersed student body with the goal of preparing students academically, personally, and professionally.

Philosophy and Outcomes


Founded as the American College in 1970, AIU provides associate, bachelor's and master's degrees in a ground-campus environment and online. AIU’s ground campuses are located in Atlanta, Georgia, and Houston, Texas. The Online, or Main, campus is located in Chandler, Arizona.


The University community has a special commitment to promoting educational opportunity, and to supporting student goals through a set of Institutional Outcomes.  To this end, the University places emphasis on the educational, professional, and personal growth of each student, and pursues this aim with a commitment to institutional integrity and ethics.  Programs, policies, and institutional initiatives validate AIU’s achievement of the Outcomes and support the University’s Mission, Vision, and Values.  These foundational statements are evaluated periodically and modified, as appropriate, to meet the needs of the student body and the institution. The Institutional Outcomes emphasize the link between the University Mission with program and departmental missions. 


Institutional Outcomes 


  • To embrace an educational culture for a diverse student body supported by faculty and staff who provide a personalized approach in support of student success.
  • To deliver an integrated learning experience to support students’ intellectual growth, academically and professionally.
  • To employ innovative technologies to deliver an immersive learning experience that engages the varied learning styles of our students.
  • To provide a curriculum emphasizing learning that prepares students for success in a dynamic professional environment.
  • To maintain a pool of practitioner faculty who possess relevant industry experience.