History of the University


American InterContinental University (AIU), formerly known as the American College for the Applied Arts, was established in 1970. Campuses were added in Atlanta Buckhead (established in 1976), London (established in 1978, closed 2014), and Los Angeles (established in 1982, closed, 2010). In 1998, additional campuses were established at Atlanta Dunwoody, and South Florida (closed 2015). AIU Online began in 2001 and was recognized as a separate campus in 2002. In 2003, an additional campus was added in Houston, Texas. In June 2009, the AIU Buckhead and the AIU Dunwoody campuses combined to become AIU Atlanta. In January 2001, Perdoceo Education Corporation (PEC), formerly Career Education Corporation (CEC), acquired the University. In March 2020 Trident University International was acquired by American InterContinental University and became Trident at American InterContinental University.  In November 2020, AIU implemented a university system model, the American InterContinental University System (or the “AIU System”), which is comprised of two units: American InterContinental University (“AIU”) and Trident University International (“TUI”).

AIU is committed to developing curricula that provide students with career preparation in business, criminal justice, design and media arts, education, and information technology. The University’s success in this endeavor is reflected in the employment of its graduates throughout the international business community, the achievements of its alumni, and the commitment of its faculty.