Refund Policy

After the last day of the add/drop period for each quarter, which is the sixth business day of a quarter or five-week session, no refunds or adjustments will be made for students who drop individual classes but are otherwise enrolled at the University.  For students who reside outside the United States, refunds will be calculated in accordance with the Institutional Refund Policy.  When a student withdraws from the institution, he/she must give notice in writing as follows:

Online -

Atlanta -

Houston -


New Online Undergraduate Students

A new undergraduate student, defined as one entering AIU or an affiliated institution for the first time with less than 24 online college credits that is enrolled in a fully online program, may elect to withdraw from AIU at any time during the first 21 days of the first quarter without incurring any tuition or fees by withdrawing from AIU in accordance with the requirements set forth in the catalog. Specifically, an eligible student intending to withdraw must submit a written notice that s/he is withdrawing from AIU to the e-mail address for their campus listed above. An eligible student is considered conditionally enrolled during this 21-day period. For a student who intends to utilize financial aid funds to cover tuition and fees, all eligible federal and institutional financial aid funds will be applied to the student’s account after the 21-day conditional enrollment period has expired.