Catalog Updates

This is the current American InterContinental University Catalog Addendum.

The Addendum contains approved changes to programs and courses as well as changes in policies and procedures at AIU. All changes and additions listed here take precedence over the information contained in previous years' catalogs. Please use the links provided below to review the updated respective catalog page.

Additions and updates are effective as of the date indicated in the table below, unless otherwise noted.

Catalog Change  Link to Approved Revision  Effective Date 
Update to Late Assignment Submission Policy (Online courses): Assignments not accepted 28 days or more after due date  Late Submissions of Assignments (Online)  July 17, 2019
Main Campus Address Change to Chandler, AZ Campus Locations July 1, 2019
New Refund Policy: New Online Undergraduate Students Refund Policy July 1, 2019
New Financial Aid Grant (Houston and Main Campuses): International Student Grant  AIU International Student Grant  July 1, 2019 
New Programmatic Accreditation - Master of Education: Association for Advancing Quality for Educator Preparation Accreditation and Licensure  May 23, 2019 
Atlanta Campus offering of the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree program Information Technology B.S.I.T.  May 3, 2019 
Houston Campus offering of the Audio and Sound Recording Certificate program Audio and Sound Recording Certificate  May 3, 2019 
New Financial Aid Grant (Houston Campus)  AIU Lifelong Learning Grant - MSIT (Houston) February 8, 2019
Course Requirements Update - Bachelor of Healthcare Management, General Education  Healthcare Management B.H.C.M. February 8, 2019
Prerequisite Update - HLTH 322  HLTH 322 February 8, 2019
Prerequisite Update - HLTH 455  HLTH 455 February 8, 2019
Prerequisite Update - ITCO 101  ITCO 101  January 16, 2019