There is a designated period to register for classes. Students are notified of the registration dates through numerous sources. An academic calendar is available on AIU’s website and in the Student Experience Department on campus. Registration procedures are published and distributed to students through the student portal, Academics Department, and other sources. Students register with their Departmental Program Chair and/or Academic Operations Coordinator. Approval from the Financial Aid Office should be in place prior to registration. Any student wishing to take course overloads (above normal academic load) is required to obtain permission to do so. An approval form must be completed and signed off by the Program Chair, Financial Services and by the Chief Academic Officer and routed to the Registrar’s office. It is the responsibility of the student to register in a timely manner.


Students who seek to transfer in credits are encouraged to ensure official transcripts are received prior to the first day of the second quarter/term and work with the Prior Learning Assessment Office to make schedule adjustments that will ensure courses are not repeated prior to receipt of the official transcripts. Any questions or concerns regarding registration procedures or schedule adjustments can be addressed by the Prior Learning Assessment Office.