Clubs and Organizations

Belonging to an organization or club introduces AIU students to new friends and enriches the University experience. Extracurricular activities also foster leadership development, improve people skills, and encourage characteristics employers look for and qualities that last a lifetime. Participation shapes leadership skills while also building an impressive resume. Valuable educational experience may be gained through active participation in officially recognized campus activities and organizations. All students are encouraged to participate in one or more organizations to the extent that such involvement does not interfere with maintaining high academic achievement. Student activities and organizations are are required to be structured as inclusive of all members of the AIU student community and may not restrict membership or establish membership criteria that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or handicap. No organizations with restrictive membership clauses will be recognized by the University. 


Students are encouraged to join clubs and organizations because of the benefits they will gain. To gain the most benefits, students should consider their reasons for joining the group and should expect additional responsibilities. 


• Meeting people and making new friends. 

• Widening interests while having fun. 

• Developing qualities of leadership. 

• Opportunities for a wide variety of experiences. 

• Personal growth and expanded horizons. 

• Gaining the skills needed to be a team player. 


• Attend meetings regularly. 

• Be punctual. 

• Be supportive and creative. 

• Speak up and out. Your input is valuable and important for the growth of the organization. 

• Accept majority decisions. 

• Be prepared to complete any job you accept. 

• Be friendly to new members. 

• Communicate with the group if you need help with a task.

• Joining a club or organization means teamwork! 


 American InterContinental University considers student organizations to be an important component of the total educational experience. Each organization contributes and is expected to have a lasting effect on its members and the campus community. The following expectations are presented to guide the student organization in conjunction with the mission of Student Experience.

• Provide impetus for high academic achievement or professional development for its members. 

• Provide an opportunity for personal development through leadership positions, programs and approved social functions. 

• Consider a method for giving service to others through community service projects and outreach programs.

• Promote American InterContinental University through active participation in all campus events and positive relationships with other University organizations. 

• Develop a clear definition of its goals and ideals and select a plan to achieve these goals. 

• A designated staff or faculty member shall act as an advisor for each organization. The advisor is available to the organization for general advisement, while the officers and members are responsible for the planning and organizing of group activities. 

• Organizations must register with the Student Experience Department. This registration ensures official recognition as a student organization of the University. 

• Each organization must provide a Constitution or Statement of Purpose with their registration form. 

• Activities must be consistent with the club or organization’s stated purpose, may not cause a disturbance, and may not interfere with the regular operation of the University. Club meetings should not be during class instruction hours. Clubs are requested to make a brief written report each year, containing a brief summary of the past year’s activities and any plans for the upcoming year. A copy should be given to the Campus Director of Student Experience. The President & Chief Academic Officer of the University reserves the right to disband any student organization that violates the rules and regulations of the University as set forth in official publications.


Students enrolled at the University are free to organize and are encouraged to join associations that promote their common interests, so long as the following apply: 

• The purposes, principles, and policies of the organization are consistent with the general philosophies and principles of American InterContinental University. 

• Membership in the organization is open to all currently enrolled University students in good standing without regard to age, color, creed, national origin, handicap, marital status, race, religion, or gender. 

• Statements of the purpose, criteria for membership, rules or procedures, and a current list of officers are filed with the office of Student Experience. 

• Only those individuals who hold bona fide membership in the organization determine the policies and actions of the organization. 

• A faculty or staff advisor has been approved by the Campus Director of Student Experience and the President & Chief Academic Officer. 

• The Campus President has approved the written request of the organization for recognition. The Campus President reserves the right to deny approval to any organization. Students are entitled to a written statement from the administration regarding approval or denial. While participating in any student activities through the AIU Online Virtual Campus, all students are bound by the Student Code of Conduct detailed above. 


As stated in the Student Enrollment Agreement, AIU Online may use his/her name voice, image, likeness, and biographical facts, and any materials produced as a student while enrolled at AIU Online, without any further approval or payment, unless prohibited by law. Further, the University reserves the right to forego permission to tape, photograph, record his or her voice, conversation and sounds for use in any manner or medium in connection with any advertising, publicity or other information relating to AIU Online. The University will credit the student for all published submissions. 


AIU Online’s professional environment requires that all students respect the following policy concerning offensive materials: AIU’s Information Systems or other resources must not be used to produce, view, store, replicate, or transmit harassing, obscene, or offensive materials. This includes, but is not limited to, material from the Internet, screen savers, etc. As in the workplace, there is “zero-tolerance” for any students who violate this policy, and immediate withdrawal may result. Students must recognize that personal opinions as to what constitutes “offensive material” may vary but the following details describe what is typically understood to be offensive. Staff or students using AIU Online facilities who find materials being displayed to be offensive have a duty to act assertively by informing University personnel. Offensive material includes, but is not limited to the following: 

 • Pornographic, nude, semi-nude or other similarly lewd images  

• Material displaying excessively violent or graphic content • Material of racist or similarly demeaning content

• Any material that in general is understood to be socially and/or culturally offensive  


Student activities provide opportunities for valuable experiences outside of the virtual classroom. American InterContinental University Online offers several student activities that work to foster personal and professional growth. These activities or workshops are voluntary and are generally scheduled for the break weeks. Examples of past programming include: 

• Time Management 

• Career Opportunities 

• Learning Styles  

Although it is challenging to form student organizations in the online environment, AIU Online supports the development of extracurricular activities. Students are always free and encouraged to discuss ideas for organizational opportunities with their advisors. AIU Online will always advocate the formulation of an extracurricular environment that enriches the student experience and promotes opportunities for higher learning.