Financial Aid Programs

AIU participates in a variety of financial aid programs for the benefit of students. Students must meet the eligibility requirements of these programs in order to participate. AIU administers its financial aid programs in accordance with prevailing federal and state laws and its own institutional policies. Students are responsible for providing all requested documentation in a timely manner. Failure to do so could jeopardize the student’s financial aid eligibility. In order to remain eligible for financial aid, a student must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined in this catalog.

It is recommended that students apply for financial aid as early as possible in order to allow sufficient time for application processing. Financial aid must be approved, and all necessary documentation completed*, before the aid can be applied towards tuition and fees. Financial aid is awarded on an award year basis; therefore, depending on the length of the program, it may be necessary to reapply for aid for each award year. Students may have to apply for financial aid more than once during the calendar year, depending on their date of enrollment. Students who need additional information and guidance should contact the Financial Aid Office.


*Verification Deadline:

Verification is a process the Department of Education uses to confirm the data reported on a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is accurate.  For those selected for verification, the University will contact the student for documentation in order to verify the information entered on the FAFSA.

For those students selected for verification, the deadline to complete verification is the first term of a students program. If a student misses the deadline, the student must submit their documents as soon as possible as AIU cannot determine aid eligibility until verification is complete. Students who fail to complete the verification process may lose access to class.


The final deadline for federal verification can be found at Students submitting documents after the Federal deadline will not be eligible for financial aid for that award year.