Law Enforcement Advanced Standing Program

The Law Enforcement Advanced Standing Program (LEASP) allows law enforcement personnel who have successfully completed a state approved law enforcement academy or related training program the eligibility to receive up to 36 credits towards a criminal justice degree at AIU. All students entering through LEASP must provide the appropriate documentation and comply with all other guidelines and policies for enrollment. Appropriate documentation may include an official transcript, certificate, or an unofficial document that is verifiable with the issuing agency. Proficiency credit may be awarded for the following courses: • CRJS101 – Foundations of Criminal Justice Systems 4.5 • CRJS205 – Introduction to Criminal Law 4.5 • CRJS210 – Introduction to Law Enforcement 4.5 • CRJS215 – Introduction to American Court System 4.5 • CRJS240 – Careers in Criminal Justice 4.5 • CRJS330 – Constitutional Issues in Criminal Procedures 4.5 • CRJS360 – Advanced Law Enforcement 4.5 • CRJS455 – Criminal Investigation 4.5