Experiential Learning Credit

AIU awards undergraduate course credits for experiential learning that has been acquired through employment, non-collegiate, school-based education, or other appropriate learning experiences. Life and learning experiences alone, however, are inadequate bases for the award of experiential credit. In order for such learning to be considered for this credit award, it must:

  1. Relate specifically to undergraduate coursework required for the student’s enrolled program of study or appropriate elective areas.
  2. Result in experientially attained and mastered competencies that are appropriately documented and substantially similar to the course outcomes that would be acquired in the comparable undergraduate AIU course.
  3. Up to 22.5 credits in the overall degree program can be based on Experiential Learning.

Prior to the final submission the University Registrar Department performs an administrative review to determine if all necessary components are included. The final portfolio is reviewed by an appropriate subject matter expert to determine if credit can be awarded. Portfolios cannot be submitted for capstone courses.

See the Student Handbook for more information on submission requirements for Experiential Learning.