Student Conduct

As an academic community committed to the educational and personal growth of its students,  AIU believes strongly in promoting the development of personal and social responsibility. AIU also believes in a humanistic approach to discipline conducive to academic pursuits. Behavior that infringes upon rights, safety or privileges, or that impedes the educational process is unacceptable and may lead to sanctions up to and including dismissal from the University.

In order to support a collegial learning environment, it is expected that all students respect the rights of others. All students are responsible for adhering to federal, state and local laws.  AIU reserves the right to dismiss a student for any of the following reasons: failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress, failure to pay school fees and/or tuition by applicable deadlines, posing a danger to the health or welfare of students or other members of the community, or failure to comply with the policies and procedures of AIU.

However, AIU recognizes that its responsibility for the protection of personal and institutional rights and property is a primary focus of the disciplinary process. Therefore, the administration reserves the right to develop any policy or take any action(s) deemed appropriate to maintain the safety and well-being of any or all students. Policies and procedures on offenses related to persons, property, campus operations, and welfare, health or safety are to be found in the Student Handbook. Students are encouraged to share personal experiences while participating in classes at AIU. However, students must be aware that should they disclose to any AIU faculty members or staff information that may cause harm to themselves or others, faculty members and staff are required to report such information to the appropriate authorities.