Warning and Probationary Periods for Students Not Receiving Financial Aid

After grades have been posted, each student’s CGPA and ROP is reviewed to determine whether the student is meeting the above requirements.

  • A student will be placed on Warning immediately after the first term in which the CGPA or the ROP falls below the values specified in the tables above. At the end of the next term, the student will be removed from Warning and returned to SAP Met Status if the minimum standards are met or exceeded. A student who continues to fall below the specified values will be placed on Probation. The student will be required to successfully appeal in order to remain in attendance at the institution. (see Appeals section below)
  • A student who successfully appeals and is on Probation will be evaluated at the end of the next term. A student who meets or exceeds the minimum standards will be removed from Probation and returned to a SAP Met status. If the minimum CGPA and ROP requirements are not met at the time of evaluation, the student will be placed on Dismissal Status and will be dismissed from school unless the student meets the terms of their academic plan.

If at any point it can be determined that it is mathematically impossible for a student to meet the minimum requirements, the student will be dismissed from the school.

Notification of academic dismissal will be in writing. The Code of Conduct Policy and Grievance Policy section of this catalog describes other circumstances that could lead to student dismissal for non-academic reasons. A tuition refund may be due in accordance with the institution’s stated refund policy.

A student on Warning or Probation must participate in academic advising as deemed necessary by the institution as a condition of academic monitoring. A student who fails to comply with these requirements may be subject to dismissal even though their CGPA or ROP may be above the dismissal levels.