Right to Cancel

A Student who cancels this Agreement prior to the Student’s first week of class attendance will receive a refund of all monies paid. If this Enrollment Agreement is not accepted by AIU Online or if AIU Online cancels this Agreement prior to the first day of class attendance, all monies paid will be refunded. All requests for cancellation must be initiated by the Student and provided to the Admissions Department.

All Campuses

Cancellation of enrollment cancels any AIU Accelerate Assessment score(s), Diagnostic Assessment score(s), evaluation of transfer credit, and/or evaluation of other forms of prior learning assessment completed prior to cancellation. Students who cancel and later return to the University will be required to retake any AIU Accelerate Assessment(s) and/or Diagnostic Assessment(s) that were taken during a previous and cancelled enrollment. Students whose enrollments are cancelled and later return to the University are subject to a reevaluation of transfer credit and/or other prior learning assessment submissions (standardized test scores, Professional Training/Certification Credit, and/or Experiential Learning Portfolios), and this reevaluation will be subject to the policies of the current course catalog.