Grading System

Final grades are assigned at the completion of the course. Grades are based on the quality of work as shown by learning deliverables as indicated on the course syllabus. Earned quality points are calculated for each course by multiplying the grade point value for the grade received for the course by the credit hour value of the course. For example, a 4.5-credit course with a grade of B+ would earn 14.85 quality points [credit value of course (4.5) multiplied by quality point value of B+ (3.30). The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is calculated by dividing the total earned quality points by the total attempted credits, as seen in the chart below.

Quarter Course Letter Grade Grade Point Value Credit Hour Value Earned Quality Points CGPA
Quarter One UNIV103 A 4.00 4.5 18.00
Quarter One BUSN105 B+ 3.30 4.5 14.85
Quarter One COMP101 A- 3.70 4.5 16.65 3.67