Undergraduate General Education Requirements

General Education Philosophy

The purpose of General Education at AIU is to provide students with a broad range of courses designed to integrate general knowledge with their major field of study. To this end, students are provided with a curricular environment aimed at broadening and deepening intellectual awareness and perspective, historical understanding, technological and communicative expertise, information acquisition and analysis, and multi-cultural and global awareness. Students are enabled to grow personally and professionally so that they are equipped with the skills necessary to meet the challenges they will face as global citizens in an ever-changing workplace.

General Education Outcomes

Human Perspectives – Demonstrate, apply, and analyze knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world, including the social and behavioral sciences, mathematics, history, ethics, the arts, and the natural sciences.

Practical Reasoning – Demonstrate intellectual and practical skills, including critical thinking and problem solving, quantitative and information literacy, and teamwork.

Effective Communication – Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills, including the ability to organize and communicate thoughts, ideas, and information in effective documents and presentations.