Audio and Sound Recording Certificate

27 Credits

Program Description

The purpose of the Audio and Sound Recording Certificate Program is to provide students with an introduction to the technical and creative skills needed in the audio and sound recording industries. Skills developed in this program can help prepare students for careers in music and/or motion picture recording.

Students will engage in coursework designed to help them explore a variety of areas of audio production. With hands-on guidance from experienced industry professionals, students will develop specific competencies in areas including sound recording, postproduction, producing and engineering. Along the way, students may have the opportunity to earn third-party certification in various industry-standard software applications (ProTools, Reason, etc.)

Through this intensive program, students will develop skillsets desired by hiring producers in the audio industry, gain experience collaborating in industry-simulated environments, create work that showcases their creative and technical talents, and hone their ability to produce work as an audio professional.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the three phases of the audio production process (preproduction, production and postproduction) and the contributions of audio specialists at each
  • Appropriately apply various industry-standard software, hardware, and techniques in a practical setting
  • Demonstrate appropriate protocol, behavior and professionalism as applicable in field, studio and postproduction environments
  • Contribute appropriately in a variety of capacities to the production of audio projects


Certificate Courses

DFAP 102Audio Production I


DFAP 205Audio Production II


DFAP 305Critical Listening


DFAP 313Music Mixing and Mastering


DFAP 316MIDI and Electronic Music


DFAP 438Producing and Engineering


Total Credit Hours: 27