Student Rights and Responsibilities

AIU strengthens its mission to its students through recognizing the partnership that exists between each student and the University. In this partnership, the student possesses specific, individual and group rights as well as responsibilities. AIU has created the following statements which define student expectations regarding these rights and responsibilities.

Students have the right to:

  • The respect of personal property, ideas, and beliefs
  • Be free from harassment
  • Express themselves creatively within established University guidelines
  • Have direct access to personnel who can provide assistance, guidance, and support as needed
  • Equitable treatment
  • Enjoy individual freedoms without regard to race, gender, national origin, handicap, age, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation
  • Participate actively in self-governance
  • Express themselves individually and through association with groups

Students have the responsibility to:

  • Adhere to University rules and regulations
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Comply with reasonable requests made by faculty and University staff
  • Meet expected tuition payment schedules