Academic Integrity

At American InterContinental University, students are expected to demonstrate academic integrity by completing their own work, assignments and assessments. Effective planning and progress must be accomplished for students to be successful in their degree program of study. Submission of work from another person, whether it is from printed sources or someone other than the student and/or papers submitted without source citations can result in a failing grade or be reported to the campus Academic staff for appropriate sanctions or disciplinary actions that may lead to withdrawal from the University. All students are expected to adhere to the standards set forth in the Student Code of Conduct and Statement on Academic Integrity.

The administration, faculty, staff, and student government of AIU believe strongly in the concept of an honor system. This belief is based on the knowledge that in competitive professional environments, greater emphasis is placed on originality and integrity of ideas and work. All members of the AIU academic community, including faculty, students, and administration, are expected to assist in maintaining the integrity of the University, which includes reporting incidents that violate the Statement on Academic Integrity. An explanation of violations of University regulations can be found in the Student Handbook.